Tainted Legacy

The Quarry

A young group of strangers found themselves in Lord Bishop Pettycoat’s manor after each receiving a summons. Lord Pettycoat informed them of a quarry west of the city on his land which had dug its way into a seemingly man-made cave formation, after which several miners went missing. Pettycoat offered them a reward if they agreed to travel to the quarry, investigate the cave, clear it of potential danger, rescue any surviving miners, and most importantly, retrieve an artifact of vague description, should it be found within. While most of the group agreed, one member declined and preferred to stay out of Pettycoat’s shady affairs.

Upon reaching the quarry, our group made their way into the cave and soon discovered it to be inhabited by a number of Duergar, the nasty grey skinned slaver cousins of dwarves. Dispatching numerous Duergar, the group made their way to the back of the cave, encountering yet more Duergar, this group accompanied by one appearing to be higher rank. As the battle raged on, the higher ranking Duergar was felled, uttering in common the ominous message “You cannot stop the awakening!” Realizing his fate was sealed, the lone surviving Duergar was quick to surrender.

After the battle, Aaric found a strange badge upon the leader, and pocketed it. Meanwhile, Belicar and Scales noticed an elaborate raised altar at the back of the room. Approaching, they found a half-dozen pseudo-dragons behind a protective barrier, with a large pedestal behind them, upon which was a simple circlet. The pseudo-dragons explained that they were part of a long line sworn to defend the artifact until it was rightfully claimed. While the pseudo-dragons initially refused to trust in the purity of the party’s intent, they became strangely relaxed and complacent at the mention of the name Pettycoat. Agreeing to entrust the artifact to the group, the pseudo-dragons dispelled the barrier and departed the cave in search of a new purpose.

After claiming the artifact and entrusting it to Tharnak’s care, the group explored the rest of the cave. Traveling to the other end of the cave, they found a chamber with two more Duergar and several prisoners shackled to the wall. Noticing that one of the Duergar was asleep, and the other was facing away, towards the prisoners, Aaric noiselessly made his way to the sleeping Duergar and silently eliminated him. Promptly thereafter, Sue barreled into the room and slaughtered the other with one mighty swing of his massive weapon. After noting that the sleeping Duergar had also held a higher rank, the group found another of the strange badges on his body.

Now, ready to return to the city of Tirth, our group ponders the meaning of both the ominous warning, and the strange badges they found.



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