A talented blacksmith's apprentice with an uncertain destiny.


Leon is a peasant’s son from a nearby manor who had traveled to the city to train as a blacksmith’s apprentice. His parents, serfs living on the land of their Lord Joffrey, raised the money and goods to pay the manor’s Lord to allow them to send their son away for training when the local smith that Leon had been working for realized his potential.

Leon’s father was a former scribe to the previous lord of the manor, but when the manor was taken by a another lord in a local power struggle, he was dismissed by the new owner, who had brought his own retainers. Forced to make a living as a farmer rather then with his learning, he did poorly at first. With the help of his wife, he managed to pull through for his newborn son, Leon, and made a living for himself and his family.

Leon was raised and educated by his father, who would work to teach Leon his letters and books every night after all the work was done for the day. Leon, while at first resistant since none of the other boys had to do this, quickly grew to enjoy his new found abilities. Sometimes, he would have the guard at the manor sneak him into the Lord’s library so that he could absorb as much knowledge as he could, like a sponge. Leon read of the outside world, the world that he would never see if he stayed here, and wondered about how he might leave.

Soon, Leon came to work for the local smith.


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