Rook Bowlerbatch

Rook Bowlerbatch - Lvl 1 Monk (of the Four Winds if allowed?)


Rook Bowlerbatch (age 28)

Rook was the oldest of 3 siblings (one brother and one sister) and had been selected to become the next ruling baron for his portion of the kingdom. Those selected for baronhood often had a chance to ascend to the throne.

Imprisoned by his jealous younger brother who blackmailed and bribed high ranking members of the royal guard, Rook was shackled in the most recessed cells of his family’s dungeons, who were told by the younger brother that Rook had gone on a hunt.

In an attempt to cover his tracks the younger brother (Gregor) had Rook sold into slavery to a kingdom far in the east and told the family that Rook had been killed by a wild bear during the hunt.

From there, Rook was sold to a gladiatorial arena where it was suspected that he would not survive for more than 1 fight. Especially considering they did not provide him with any weapons.

Surprisingly, Rook had a natural affinity for unarmed combat and narrowly defeated his first opponent. As it became apparent that Rook was well suited for life in the arena, an old arena trainer (Keit Wuntoss) took interest in Rook’s prowess. A well placed bet on the once baron’s next fight secured Wuntoss’s ownership of Rook.

Keit Wuntoss began training Rook in the ways of the monk school of combat, and made him a promise. “If you can win 1000 fights in the arena, I will give you your freedom.”

For 5 full years, Rook fought countless opponents and beat his way down a bloody road to earn a freedom so long yearned for.

In his travels thus far, word of Gregor’s “exploits” have reached Rook from time to time. Citizens executed without trial, bodies found under mysterious circumstances, and other travesties that blighted Rook’s conscious.

Now, he seeks to return to his home a continent away and attain the strength necessary to complete revenge on his greedy brother’s cruelty and evil deeds.

Immediate Family:
Gregor – Younger brother (22)
Amiliana – Younger sister (20)
Eftanos – Father (63)
Mariene – Mother (55)


Tall – Heavily muscular – Human – Orange – Blue eyes -

The first thing Rook bought upon attaining his freedom (a small amount of money was given to him by Keit Wuntoss to start him on his way) was a moderately priced, dark blue suit with red trim (the colors of his family house). He wears it only on occasion, but the muscles he attained in the arena make him an impressive sight in the suit’s bold cut. Most days he wears simply an undershirt and durable trousers.

Rook wears a large manacle cuff on either wrist to remind himself of the difficult journey he has made so far, and how much further he has yet to go.

Favors simple cloth wraps on his fists as opposed to any kind of fist weapon. May eventually pick up a pair of brass knuckles or have his wraps enchanted.

Rough sketch

Rook Bowlerbatch

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