Sue Ogreslayer

Adopted Son of Gathal Ogreslayer. Don't make fun of his name or he'll make you regret it.


He stands 5 foot 6 inches tall, built lean and hard. His stature and build belies his incredible strength. Some might say he was built a little small for a man of his ego. Red hair sprouts from his head, thick and long, bound in a tight braid as was tradition of his birth family’s tribe. Sporting a clean shaven face, not because of tradition but because he is ashamed of the sparse tufts that grow when he lets it. Considering as most Ogreslayers, those of birth, all have thick luxurious beards.

He dons chainmail that fits him as though tailor made, considering it was by his own hand it was. He carries a single large dagger on his left hip. A hand axe hangs on his right with a half moon blade on one side and an armor spike on the back. But his prize weapon is his Maul, a huge hammer meant to be wielded with two hands with a head of solid metal. A maniacal chained his hammer to right wrist. In the head of the hammer, so that one might read it from the crushed flesh of his enemies, is inscribed “Othray Ounday Ichesbay” which is Orcish for something best not repeated in polite company.

Sue has something of a tempter, although he fancies himself a warrior even he knows that his fathers blood flows through his veins. It only drives him to conduct himself as a proper warrior at times. Having bested even his eldest brother, Gathal the fourteenth, in battle his ego is somewhat inflated. Although he will always refuse to comment on HOW he did it. He is touchy about his name, as well as his stature and how slight and dainty he is in comparison to his adopted family. Albeit significantly taller then an average dwarf he is not nearly as broad as even an average warrior of his own strength. Something he’s come to despise about himself after years of watching so many huge warriors wandering in and out of the city. After so many years of his brothers taunting him about being a dainty girl. He’s more likely to crush a man for the insult than let it go any longer. It’s the one thing that will force him into a rage regardless of the situation.


Sue is the son of a barbarian whom King Gathal once met on his infrequent rambling travels about the continent. The entire tribe was wiped out in a dispute with a nobleman from the south of the continent. Gathal took the boy in and raised him as his own until he came of age. At which point he told Sue what he told to all of his sons:
“Noo son of mine weal beh ah lazy lay’aboot thinkin’ heh might beh king. Yea will go oot an’ adventure. Learn the world. I will nay accept yeh bac’ inta’ thees house untel yeh can stand teh meh inn’a fair fight. Off wit’ yea.”
So Sue took to the world. He wandered out into the dark with only the weapons and armor he forged himself.

What Sue doesn’t know is that he is a part of a breeding program that goes back nearly two hundred years, instituted by a madman and a king but executed by a mysterious man who was both wizard and cleric. The program was shut down by an organization of Paladins of lawful and neutral good gods. Murdering nearly the entire village. Only Sue was left alive.
The breeding program was instituted to develop a stronger hardier stock of human, by combining the best traits of other species like Elves and Dwarves. giving the decedents stronger bodies and minds, allowing them to live longer and be healthier. This in turn tended to develop mental deficiencies in more and more of the tribe as time went on. More and more of them were, or became, insane. Few of the current generation were stable enough to be considered anything but monsters. Sue is one of the last generation, and the only one even marginally capable of stability. Just don’t make fun of his looks and he won’t break your head in a fit of rage. He is unaware of the fact that he is approximately one tenth dwarf, one seventh elf and one fifteenth Orc among marginal amounts of other intelligent species. The only real effects this has on him is that it has influenced his physical stature and build. He is completely incapable of putting on bulk muscle mass, instead it tends to grow denser, although he is able to put on FAR more than an average human. It has also stunted his growth, while giving him more comely features. It has also given him a stronger heartier body, able to take more abuse and punishment. He may have gained benefit of marginally more intelligence and social capability, but it tends to go out the door when he’s angry.

Due to his unique ancestry he IS directly related to Gathal Ogerslayer XIII. However distantly. This is the reason that Gathal took him in, and treats him as family. He is his Great-great-great-great-great grandson in a direct line from two of his ancestors.

Sue Ogreslayer

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