Belicar Valmose

A Haunted Daemomancer, Fighting Fire with Fire


At 5’8", Belicar isn’t what many would call tall for a human of twenty years. He weighs 140 lbs, most of which is not fat, but muscle, though much of this mass is covered in robes. He himself doesn’t do much working out, but rather seems to have a body – or perhaps nature – predisposed to becoming muscular. He has black hair kept short that has a habit of sticking up, though in a uniform manner, not at odd angles. He maintains a clean shaved face, though sometimes can be found to have some dusting of whiskers after several nights of frenzied studying over some newly discovered tome. He bathes frequently, when possible, and prefers to not sleep out of beds, partially due to his preexisting trouble with sleep, and partially because he has spent some time abroad while studying spellcraft and found that the rocky ground, cold stone floors, lumpy and smelly hides, and other surfaces are simply not conducive to him sleeping in the first place.

His robes are well tailored, though simple in design, and are mostly cotton colored a darker red with black satin lining. They have two sets of sleeves, one that conforms well to his forearms, and another that is looser and more expected of robes. Under the robes he wears light breeches and a linen shirt, with the robes being more open and free-flowing in the front below the belt. As the head of his house, he can always be seen wearing a signet ring bearing the seal of House Valmose.


Belicar Valmose was named for his great great grandfather Belicar Valmose I, the founder of the Valmose house and respected servant of the kingdom of Tirth. A well-established and renowned house, Valmose has nevertheless always seemed to suffer misfortunes, and while his family is respected greatly at court, Belicar was to be the only child of his parents, the only surviving members of the Valmose line.

Belicar has always suffered nightmares, both waking and asleep. Haunted from a young age by a force he could not see or comprehend, Belicar developed many fears of darkness, fire, and being alone as a child. While the demon that haunts him to this day is usually capable of only minor manipulation of Belicar’s surrounding, this small ability alone was enough to start the fire that saw the old Valmose manor burn down, killing Belicar’s parents and leaving him alone and scared in the mansion’s remnants.

Raised by Haeg Wotr, a kind and gentle bear of a man who was a friend to Belicar’s parents, Belicar decided that he would not allow his demon to ruin his life any further. With Haeg’s encouragement and support, Belicar decided to gain a firmer grasp on magic, and the nature of the Abyss, to hopefully one day see his own demon banished, and bring about, if nothing else, a weakening of demonic influence on the world. To this end, he learned as much as he could, first from mentors and tutors, then traveling the world to learn more about various methods of magic and demonology, leaving Haeg to maintain the interests of House Valmose at court. Belicar studied with witches and shamans, met with powerful wizards and communes, sorcerors and warlocks with great knowledge of the shadows that lurk out of sight of mortals. Finally, he returned home, his childhood fears but memories of a past life. He met with Haeg, and they came to the conclusion that Haeg would continue to represent Belicar’s interests at court, while Belicar would maintain the persona of an eccentric and reclusive wizard, the better to have no one ask too many questions about his interests and studies into the nature of the Abyss.

Belicar, while lacking much practical experience (his only contact with a demon being one which was thoroughly contained by a group of witches), is well aware of the dangers of demons and the manipulations of devils, and now conducts his own research and studies, with hopes to find the true name of the demon that haunts him, while simultaneously seeking to be sure he is armored with the knowledge of how to combat the forces of evil when they arise.

Recently, he has received a letter from the disgraced Lord Bishop Pettycoat, calling on a favor owed by his family. While hesitant to be caught up in any of the lord’s constantly failing schemes, he holds himself to the honor of his family line and, as its only surviving member, has decided to aid Lord Petticoat in whatever endeavor he is working at, rather than suffer a much larger demand from Petticoat down the line that may ruin any chance Valmose has of recovery.

Following a brief adventure into a nearby quarry, Bishop revealed that certain forces may be attempting to gather several artifacts that, while each powerful in their own right, are a threat to the world if brought together. Offering Bishop protection and a safe place to stay after assassin’s killed most of the inhabitants of the Pettycoat estate, Belicar agreed to aid Bishop in learning more of this conspiracy and potentially preventing a catastrophe. Sent once again with the same group with which he had gone to the quarry with, Belicar rode down the river to a port, where the group would gain passage by sea down to the southern regions of Ranse, hoping to cross the deserts and reach Piru’s Respite, in search of answers as to the mysterious reappearance of the emblem of a deceased house from the lost continent.

Belicar Valmose

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