Lord Bishop Pettycoat

Lord of House Pettycoat, a once respected Noble House of Tirth.


House Pettycoat was once a promising, respected name among the nobles of Tirth. Their drive for hard work and commitment to sound business practices earned them a fair place, though they were never among the biggest houses. When the time came that his father passed and young Bishop Pettycoat took the reigns, he sought to change that. Abandoning his father’s principles, Bishop constantly sought out new shortcuts to broaden his power and line his coffers, never once giving so much as an ounce of consideration to legitimate, straightforward means.

After years of Bishop’s half-baked schemes and poorly planned underhanded dealings, House Pettycoat sank like a dwarf. They now stand as one of the least influential houses in the history of Ranse, and Bishop knows it better than anyone. Never willing to admit that his father was a better leader, he’s chosen to stay the course, believing that he simply needs a bigger shovel to dig himself out of his hole.

Perhaps this time really will be the one that turns things around? History does not favor the possibility.

Lord Bishop Pettycoat

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